September 5, 2014


Banks Talks Debut LP 'Goddess' and Overcoming Stagefright

Predicted early on to become one of your favorite artists of 2014, Los Angeles act Banks is finally set to release her debut album, Goddess. Featuring the warbly, woozy title track of the same name, the highly anticipated LP drops on Tuesday. The singer stopped by Trending 10 to discuss the inspiration behind Goddess and how her sound has developed over the years.

On how she came up with her album's title, Banks explained that "it's more about people, kind of highlighting being human and highlighting everything you feel weak and strong about."

Having delivered sultry tracks like "Brain" and her impressive cover of Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody?," the alt-R&B performer is known for her darker tone and relationship-centric material. Now 26, Banks has been penning music since the age of 15, and she describes how her early songs took shape.

She also sheds light on how she overcame her fear of stage-fright: "I was just thrown in the deep end. My second show ever was with The Weeknd, I opened for him on his fall tour last year, which was incredible," she said. "You just have to swallow every fear that you have and go up there and dive so deep into the music that you tune everything out. That helps a lot. 

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