September 18, 2014


Conway Doesn't Sugarcoat, Tells Everyone to 'Shut Up'

Perhaps it's her platinum blonde mane, or her interesting blend of music styles, but Kassia Conway—better known as simply Conway—has caught the world's attention with her single "Big Talk" and recently released EP, Shut Up. Incorporating a mixture of pop, rock and electronica, the LA-based singer is all about raising eyebrows and being in your face.

With an EP title like Shut Up, it's safe to say that Conway gets straight to the point. "It's a general call, like whenever it applies. I don't want to be nasty about it. It's moreso a call for everybody to say 'shut up' to whoever....That's why it's so great—I feel like it's an inclusive thing," she explains.

She went on to discuss her affinity for D.I.Y. production, an aesthetic that fans witnessed through the video for "Big Talk" and should expect to continue seeing. "I have an obsession with making things....I've found that I have a really hard time letting things go, and I like to do things myself. So that won't stop."

The Brooklyn native also recalled her far from magical experience opening for Ellie Goulding at Madison Square Garden, where a blown monitor caused major technical difficulties.

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