September 2, 2014


Fat Joe Dishes On What Jennifer Lopez Is Really Like

It's been 16 years since the release of Don Cartagena and 12 years since his classic hit "What's Luv?" ("put the f-ckin' mic on!"), and Fat Joe is back with yet another banger. On "Stressin,'" the 44-year-old rapper reunites with fellow Bronx star Jennifer Lopez and reminds everyone that all eyes are still on him at the club.

Spitting lines like, "Seven figures on the wrist like you don't know / The haters lookin' at me 'cause the mommies lookin' at me," Fat Joe explained how he's managed to stay sharp and stress-free after so many years in the rap game.

"This is a cold world," he said. "If you let it get to you, it'll destroy you. We just try to enjoy every day like it's our last and live life like it's a movie. Life's too short."

He also discussed reuniting with J.Lo after the pair had dropped "Hold You Down" in 2005, following "Feelin' So Good," their original collaboration in 2000. "I've known her so many years back–to me she's like a sister. She's got nothing but love...there's nothing but love with me and J.Lo." 

Fat Joe was also quick to point out how he talked Rick Ross and DJ Khaled into losing weight like he did. "I talked them all into it," he said. "I was like, 'Yo, we gotta lose weight or we're gonna die. You don't wanna leave that money behind, you worked hard to be successful.'

"I'm just glad that my friends took the smart route and they're working out now."

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