September 17, 2014


Nick Jonas Talks New Single "Jealous" and Modeling Career

It's been a jam-packed week for Nick Jonas, who not only celebrated his 22nd birthday on Tuesday, but also released the music video for his new single, "Jealous." As a surprise gift to his fans, the video follows "Chains," the first single off Jonas' upcoming self-titled album. In addition to featuring his girlfriend, Olivia Culpo, the video shows various inspiring messages in the form of background signs.

The former JoBro explained on Trending 10 that he included messages like "leaving childhood," "the time is now," "gratitude" and "courage" in the video. "[I wrote a] stream of consciousness while listened to the song, and a lot of what I wrote down is in the video," he explained. "Just all these things that are really meaningful for me."

Breaking off from the teen pop sound that many fans are used to, Jonas has drawn comparisons to R&B veteran Ne-Yo for his latest solo material, a sentiment that he is extremely humbled by.

"When people heard 'Chains' and 'Jealous,' I think there was a lot of confusion as to who it was, because it's so different to anything I've done before," he remembers. "There was a lot of Ne-Yo, a lot of other more R&B artists...which was really flattering. I love R&B and I've definitely infused it into my sound more now."

And as for his blossoming career as a model, Nick showed off his best camera pose, complete with selfie expressions.

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