September 2, 2014


Ten Second Songs Is At It Again with Linkin Park's "In The End"

Only Ten Second Songs can put an unthinkable spin on a seemingly uncoverable hit, and TSS's Anthony Vincent has done it once more with Linkin Park's career-making hit "In The End."

You know the drill: Anthony picks a song, covers it from start to finish and does so by alternating between super distinct musical styles crafted by different bands. His cover of Ariana Grande's problem brought about interludes sung in the tune of Reel Big Fish-esque ska and DMX-level shouty-rap, while "In The End" has Anthony channeling everyone from Korn to Johnny Cash to Daft Punk to belt out those intense choruses. His Michael Jackson and Enya impressions are definitely highlights in this particular mix. (Yup. Enya.)

Watch the viral clip in full above, and see it through to the end for a quick cameo from Linkin Park's Chester Bennington.