September 15, 2014


Echosmith Almost Left "Cool Kids" Off Their Album

Having spent an impressive eight weeks on Top 20 CountdownEchosmith's "Cool Kids" has clearly become a fan favorite. Despite being the indiepop band's breakout hit, the single was nearly left off of their debut album, Talking Dreams.

"That song was one of those songs that took months to write. Some songs take two hours, some don't—and that one was one that didn't," lead vocalist Sydney Sierota explained. "The song related to all of us so much personally, and everybody has that desire, at some point, to fit in or be like somebody else. We just really wanted that song to be perfect, and we kept going back to the lyrics over and over and over again, really tried to make sure that it was right because it was such an important song to us."

The sleeper hit, about a boy and a girl who want to fit in with the cool crowd, resonated so much with fans that Echosmith made the song their debut single. Rather than a decision made by "some people in big suits," it was something that fans across the country seemed to naturally agree upon.

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