September 18, 2014


"The Fox" Singers Ylvis Return With an Ode to Knots, "Trucker's Hitch"

Last fall, Ylvis pondered the question no one was wondering in "What Does the Fox Say," and the track was accompanied by an uber-viral dance video that's gained nearly 450 million YouTube views. A year after achieving global stardom, the Norwegian comedic duo are back with another out-there song and dance vid.

The brothers make their comeback with "Trucker's Hitch," an ode to an extremely technical knot used to secure loads for trucks and boats—considered by some as "THE most awesome knot on the planet!" Over a twangy EDM beat (possibly to spoof Avicii's mega-hit "Wake Me Up"), Ylvis sing about their love of knots along with their frustrations over not being able to tie "the greatest knot of all."

Soon enough a buildup and subsequent dance break comes where the listener is told to "Do the trucker's hitch" in an instrumental breakdown that sounds like a combination of Psy's "Gentleman" and The Chainsmokers' "#Selfie", two other mega-viral hits. 

Like "The Fox," the video shows the Ylvis guys seriously ruminating over these questions before breaking it down with a group of dancers. Instead of cute animal costumes, it's choreographed knot tying this time.

While "The Fox" admittedly had some super-fun/borderline unbearable yelping on the dance break, "Trucker's Hitch" sounds really...good. Paired with this ready-to-go-viral video, we think the guys have another hit on their hands.

Watch the Ylvis bros ponder a slighter darker topic—if they'd give their mom a horrible flu for $500,000?—in this exclusive Hypothetically interview right here.