October 3, 2014


Watch 5 Seconds Of Summer Parody Jay Z & Blink-182 on 'Fallon'

Don't call them One Direction! Aussie wunderkinds 5 Seconds of Summer might've toured with the British hunks for the majority of 2014, but these pop-punks are making a name for themselves... and in a big way.

Last night the boys visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to help the host share some of his favorite "Fall Songs," aka parodies of popular songs with new lyrics about fall suggested by fans on Twitter. The first came from user @tarynpratch19 who wrote, "All the fall things, football and hot wings, I'll rake, the leaves. In my, flannel sleeves. Say it ain't so, I just saw snow! #FallSongs." The boys sang the song to the tune of Blink-182's mega-hit "All The Small Things." (Let's not forget they've covered Blink-182 before!) There were a few more songs as part of the bit, such as a "Halloween Problems" rendition of Jay Z's "99 Problems," which bassist Calum Hood introduced with "Sorry, Jay Z." They also tackled Nelly's "Hot In Here" and even their own "She Looks So Perfect," which all the boys agreed was the most challenging to alter.

5SOS also performed their next single, "Good Girls," from their self-titled debut full-length (watch below). At one point in the set, guitarist Michael Clifford changed the words from, "That's where you'll find me!" to "I love Jimmy Fallon!" Awwwwwe! 

Watch the clip above and test your knowledge of the band of boys (not a boy band) with our ultimate trivia quiz!