October 17, 2014


Above & Beyond Preview Times Square Video Premiere & MSG Concert

Above & Beyond are taking over NYC this week by not only premiering their new music video in the heart of the city, but also playing its biggest arena. Two members of the English DJ outfit, Paavo Siljamäki and Jono Grant, stopped by Fuse HQ to run down why this weekend is the best weekend ever for A&B superfans.

The excitement kicks off tonight, Friday, when the guys premiere the video to their new single "We're All We Need" in Times Square at 7:00pm. The track features British singer-songwriter Zoë Johnston and is the title track off We Are All We Need, the guys' new album scheduled to drop January 20, 2015.

"I think it's the best video we've made to date," Jono says. "I think it's a great song, Zoë's done a great job with the vocal. Just really excited about it. Although we won't have any sound actually, you'll get to see the video, which means people will really focus on the video, which is nice."

All that leads up to their Madison Square Garden concert Saturday. The guys are celebrating playing the legendary venue by letting fans around the world join in with a livestream broadcast of the show.

"It's great to do a big, live broadcast to the world and make a big song and dance about it for a change," explains Jono. "Normally, we just let these things pass by, the main reason we're doing it is to celebrate."

Adds Paavo, "It's our biggest show of the year. And this year, more than ever, we're really going all out and then some."

We can't wait. Meet up with the guys in Times Square tonight, and if you can't make it to MSG on Saturday, tune into the livestream at 7:00pm right here.