October 9, 2014


AFI Almost Died on the Road to Austin City Limits Festival 2014

Life on the road can be a crazy thing. For AFI, it's a dangerous one, too. 

"We had a crazy experience that Adam experienced especially. Our bus driver had a heart attack while the bus was rolling. [Drummer] Adam [Carson] had to pull him out of his seat and stop the bus. We almost died!" guitarist Jade Puget told Fuse at Austin City Limits Festival. "First responder," Carson joked. "Our bus driver is okay. He lived." 

It's a good thing too, or they wouldn't have been able to do cool things like work with their fans on the music video for "A Deep Slow Panic." 

"People made short videos, like 45 seconds or a minute," Adam explained. "We went through all of them. We picked elements that we really responded to and then compiled a hodge-podge of submitted material to make a definitive video. It’s cool when fans sort of interpret our music and you can see where people have gone different directions as far as analyzing the lyrics. It’s interesting what our fans come up with."

The energy definitely translates to the live show. "We play a new song called ‘I Hope You Suffer,’ which is always fun because there are so many different elements to that song," Puget added. "Sometimes our singer goes in the crowd and gets lost and disappears and pops back out. That one is always an experience." We're sure it is!