October 7, 2014


Beats Antique Thought About Skipping Their Own ACL Fest Set For Lana Del Rey

You know you're at a solid festival when members of the lineup are so excited to be there that they want to spend as much time watching their fellow musicians as possible! That was the case with Beats Antique at Austin City Limits Festival over the weekend when they realized that their set coincided with Our Lady of UltraviolenceLana Del Rey.

"I was thinking about skipping our set and going to see Lana Del Rey, but I think that would be bad business!" laughs Beats Antique's Tommy Cappel. "Maybe we could be like, 'Okay, everyone, maybe you've seen us before, maybe you haven't—let's all go together! As our set!'"

They didn't, thankfully. Beats Antique had crowds dancing like maniacs in Austin's Zilker Park, even if they can't describe their sound beyond an "electro-world buffet." Their latest release, A Thousand Faces, is a concept album that "explores different worlds," and their eclectic approach brings tons of different sonic elements in to the fray, from strings to electronic beats.

"Whenever we have a song, it starts out as either a beat or a melody idea, or even just a genre idea of where we want to go with it eventually," adds Cappel. "We just work together with Zoe to figure out how to work it out. There's no formula; It just sort of develops naturally."

Sounds like a process Ms. Del Rey can appreciate. Check out this Fuse exclusive to learn more about what Beats Antique have coming up, and click here for more on-the-ground coverage at ACL Fest.