October 7, 2014


KONGOS Tease "Bigger" Sophomore Album at ACL Fest 2014

While most fans only discovered KONGOS this summer thanks to their breakout hit "Come With Me Now," many would be surprised to learn the South African quartet's debut album Lunatic was actually released in 2012. Catching up at Austin City Limits Festival 2014, the band of brothers tells us that the lengthy time between release day and their single has given them extra prep time to make an even better follow-up.

"We're always working on new stuff," says guitarist Daniel Kongos. "We've written a lot. Because nothing really happened with Lunatic for so long, we were able to get a bit ahead of ourselves in the writing process, a lot of demoing and stuff. As to when it's a finalized record and when it sees the light of day, we don't know. But we think it's bigger, we think it's suited to bigger venues—maybe more exciting live."

But before that record comes, the guys will continue life on the touring grind, a lifestyle they say isn't all that grueling.

"Everyone thinks about rock 'n' roll as 'The Who lifestyle,'" Dylan Kongos explains. "It's really changed. On the Kings of Leon and Young the Giant tour, we were juicing every morning, there were yoga classes"—before adding with a laugh—"it got f*cking wild."

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