October 10, 2014


MØ Recalls Her Terrible Teen Years at Austin City Limits Festival

MØ's not afraid to come out and say it: Her Austin City Limits Festival performance was anxiety-inducing, but thankfully she was happy with it at the end of the day. "We played at noon today so I was a bit afraid. How many people will there be and will they be very hungover and grumpy? What will happen?" she told Fuse after the fact. "You never know when you play on a Sunday that early. People were so sweet and fresh and nice. It was just an overall good experience."

A lot of it has to do with her American audience. "I really love touring over here because the American crowd has this kind of open-minded, happy kind of feeling," she gushed. "When they go to the concerts it’s like they really want to cheer for you. They really want you to feel good. Not to say they’re not like that in Europe, but in Europe it can be sometimes more like, ‘Yeah, what you got?’ Which is cool because I like to be like ‘Yeah, I’m going to f*cking show you what I’ve got.’ It’s nice that people are open-minded."

It's that energy that inspires the singer to give her all onstage. "I’ve been in a lot of bands in my life. I was in this punk band for five years. I remember back then, that was when I kind of evolved my stage presence. It came out of just letting go. That’s what I want to do when I perform: I just want to let go and not think," she said. "When I go to a concert I get bored if you can see everything is staged. You want the artist to just let go, to show the emotion and the feeling, the thoughts that lie behind the music, the lyrics and stuff. You want to see some realness. That’s why I go to concerts. I want to see what’s behind the eyes. That’s important for me when I play."

That's especially true when she's performing her sleeper hit "Waste Of Time." "That song, when I wrote it, was me thinking back to when I was a teenager, in my prime teen years....how you would over-exaggerate every feeling back then because when you're a teenager in love and all these new feelings you would experience were so intense because you never felt them before. A breakup would be the end of the world," MØ revealed. "That song was me thinking of how I would feel back then in a breakup situation. To put focus on how egocentric and crazy and insane you are sometimes when you are a teenager because you’re a mess." Too true!

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