October 6, 2014


The Avett Brothers Discuss Their Family Dynamic & Working With Rick Rubin

Austin City Limits isn't like most music festivals, and folk rock group the Avett Brothers couldn't be more appreciative of that. "Our love and the love returning to us has been awesome in Texas. ACL, just as an extension of that, an emphasis of that... it's got all the weight that all the big festivals have, but it's got a really great, relaxing vibe that feels welcoming and fun," frontman Scott Avett told us. "Fun to come and play at and do our thing."

Like the name suggests, the band began with two brothers, something multi-instrumentalist Seth Avett doesn't take lightly. "I know I’ve always been appreciative of having a built in bloodline in our travels," he says. "All the business ventures, the showmanship side of it, the whole thing is just a little bit safer because you’ve got someone you can just trust 100 percent, right there."

Having a family feeling to their band isn't the only thing that makes them lucky—the boys have also gotten to work with all-star producer Rick Rubin on a few albums. "We sort of had to do some breaking down and rebuilding when we first started working with Rick. I and Love and You is a portrait of a rebuilding moment for us. Carpenter and Magpie were done with Rick, but he physically wasn’t there during the recording. It was more or less we’d touch base throughout the process, meet at his house, listen to progress, make notes, talk about it," Seth continued. "This upcoming record is going to be sort of a return to the dynamic of I and Love and You, where we’re all in there together, hashing it out, running it down and making discoveries together in real time. We can’t say exactly what it’s going to be, but that’s going to be an element of it. It’s going to be really exciting." We're sure of it!

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