October 23, 2014


"All About That Bass" Gets A Major League Makeover for the World Series

The Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants are currently duking it out for the 2014 World Series title, and to celebrate they joined forces for maaaaybe the goofiest take ever on the reigning chart champ "All About That Bass." (This version is tough to top, but the baseball pros somehow managed it!)

The best American and National League players in the game were joined by various supporters from their hometowns including the Kansas City Chiefs' cheerleading squad, a handful of sports commentators, a group of adorable Little Leaguers, some serious barbecue pros and, of course, their respective mascots.

While KC's Sluggerrr was into the track for sure, Lou Seal's booty was certainly feeling the beat of Meghan Trainor's career-making hit. Look at that seal dancing around like a maniac to this track and try not to smile. WE DARE YOU.

This "All About That Bass" lip-dub for the World Series was played over the Jumbotron at Kansas City's Kauffman Stadium and broadcast during the first game of the World Series, which went to the Giants. The Royals have since tied it up. The guys may not be the most avid musicians as displayed by their trumpet and tambourine chops, but the enthusiasm and good humor displayed here indicate that this is gonna be one fun (and exciting) baseball battle.

Don't forget you can support Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" video in Fuse's Top 40 of 2014 competition. She's currently up against OneRepublic's "Counting Stars" in Round 2 of an already super-heated battle.