October 21, 2014


Big Gigantic Give Records Away For Free, Discuss 'The Night Is Young'

Big Gigantic are known for more than just their unique sound. These guys give their records away for free. Seriously! 

"When we started originally, the reason we gave all of our albums away for free was to get it in the hands of everybody and get them listening to it," Jeremy Salken of the electrojazz duo told Fuse. "We kind of wanted to just be out there for people. Then [they can] come see us live because that’s where everything comes to life."

His partner in crime, Dominic Lalli, agrees. "It’s reciprocal. They’ll come see a show because they got the album. They’re still contributing even if they’re getting it for free. Our live show, we work pretty hard at it and we put on a great show. It feels great to have people come to the show and we get to play all this music for them."

It's the reason they're so excited for their most recent album, The Night Is Young. "We’re always trying to do something new, something fresh but with our sound," Lalli explained. "I think that we did a pretty good job of that with this new album especially with The Night Is Young. On that particular track, [we] worked with a vocalist and that was kind of our first time doing that. We had our friends Cherub do the track with us and they just smashed it. I think we’re going to kind of just continue doing that. Putting our sound, which is like the sax, the drums, the bass, the beats, that kind of thing....We’re just always trying to explore new sounds and putting our sound in those different situations."

Have the boys ever flirted with the idea of going mainstream? "We’re just going to keep doing what we do, and if the mainstream intersects with that then I guess we’ll become mainstream," Lalli continued. "We just make music we love and music we want to make so we’re just going to keep doing that. We’ll see where that takes us." 

Sounds like a plan! Watch the Fuse exclusive above for more info on The Night Is Young.