October 5, 2014


What Capital Cities Learned From Touring With Katy Perry & Her Puppy

Already festival staples, Capital Cities forwent the fest grind this summer and supported Katy Perry on her Prismatic world tour. Returning to the circuit for Austin City Limits 2014, the "Safe and Sound" duo tell us what they learned during the stadium-sized pop extravaganza. 

"It was wonderful because we got the chance to play in front of so many people," says member Sebu Simonian. "We had really not done too many arenas before. Just that big production was a different thing for us. It was a fun experience and a challenge to take on and make into a good thing."

The "Farrah Fawcett Hair" singers say they also learned to steer clear of eating dinner when the pop diva's new dog was in the area.

"Katy Perry has this really cute puppy that she travels with," says Simonian. "Every once and awhile he would enter the catering area and cause a ruckus! But it was cute."

Watch the full interview above for more from the guys—including details on their "One Minute More" video (below) shoot—and check out all of our on-the-ground ACL coverage here!