October 16, 2014


The Foo Fighters Gave David Letterman a Case of the Feelings

It's usually scores of laughs and rock 'n' roll over at The Late Show with David Letterman, but last night the Foo Fighters brought out the softer side of the typically cheery late night television host. 

As a part of Foo Fighters week on The Late Show, the Foos launched into a touching take on "Miracle," the 2006 single off In Your Honor. Apparently, the song holds a great amount of personal significance for him and reminds him of one of his favorite memories of his son as a kid.

Before the performance, Dave takes the mic and shares a personal anecdote connected to "Miracle:" there's a home video of Dave and his son, Harry, on a ski trip, and the song soundtracked a poignant memory in their relationship.

"[The Foo Fighters] grow to mean more to me as human beings and talented musical artists," Letterman shared." The song that they're going to do now, years and years and years ago, when I became a father, I recognized that I was older than most fathers, and so did my son. I have to find something I can do with my son and we can do it together. I was in my early sixties, and I had never skied before, and he had never skied before, so I said, 'Well, we're starting at zero, here....'"

The ski instructor filmed Dave and his son making their way down the mountain, and when he sent Dave the video, "Miracle" was the backing track for their ski lesson together.

All together now: D'AWWWWWWW. Watch the heart-warming clip above.