October 16, 2014


Gerard Way Makes His Triumphant Solo Debut on 'Conan'

A few weeks ago Gerard Way shared Hesitant Alien, his debut solo album and first new recorded material since My Chemical Romance's disbandment over a year-and-a-half ago. Fans were shocked: They knew Gerard is one to evolve in both style and sound, but were surprised to learn of his shoegaze/Britpop direction. If there was any question of how the genre change would effect his live performance, they were demolished yesterday night when Way lit up the stage on Conan.

Dressed in his new uniform of peach hair, shirt and tie partnered with a bright blue suit, Gerard swayed around his backing band, the Hormones. They were all cloaked in black and white, drawing all eyes to Way. He was direct, completely invested in performing the song "No Show" to the best of his vocal ability. Midway through, Way edited himself, opting for a FCC-friendly rock howl instead of completing the line "This ain't love, it's just f*cking."

The song ends with the Pulp-channeling, authoritative-yet-self-deprecating line "You could be somebody / I could be beautiful, too." While the performance didn't seem to have the theatrics of a My Chemical Romance show, there's definitely a new kind of energy and a new confidence Way is exploring.

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