October 15, 2014


The Cast of 'Gotham' Dishes on Their Characters at Comic-Con

Fuse's Dan Brown hit the Comic Con red carpet (in Indiana Jones garb, naturally) to ask the cast of Gotham a few questions about their take on the latest series to join the Batman canon. Everyone involved is thrilled about the series, and it sounds like the actors have done their homework when it comes to familiarizing themselves with the Dark Knight's universe and all of the quirks of its characters.

For Ben McKenzie (who most will recognize as the tortured Ryan from The OC), his character on Gotham, Detective (long before he was a lieutenant!) Jim Gordon, is a moral beacon of hope for a city that's gone by the way of chaos. "He's a military man," he told Dan. "He was raised with a certain sort of moral center. He has a particular way of looking at the world, which is not at all the way that the rest of Gotham looks at the world. Gotham is a city full of people who are sort of beyond hope, who don't really believe that there's a point between right and wrong. They might as well do whatever the hell they want. Jim comes in with a firm counterargument to that."

As for Robin Lord Taylor, who plays the devious Penguin on Gotham, research lead him to see the famed, flappy villain in a new light. "I learned that he was a bullied kid in high school," he shared. "He was teased relentlessly for the way he looked and also for his interests. I think he's one of the most ambitious characters there is. Because of all those shortcomings, it fed into this need for power, this need to not be the one that's knocked down anymore."

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