October 21, 2014


Watch Hoodie Allen Get Perplexed By Some Famous Twitter Bios

Twitter bios provide you with an opportunity to sum up your personality, quirks and sensibilities in 140 characters or less. They also give you the chance to get goofy instead, or at the very lease exercise an imaginative streak with an unexpected anecdote or reference in place of the typical Name/Job/Location framework. With this in mind, we asked Hoodie Allen to try to figure out which artists some especially wacky Twitter bios when he stopped by Fuse HQ, and suffice to say he got stumped.

Here's how it went down: Hoodie was given a Twitter bio and two choices as to who the Tweeter could be. In his defense, the challenge was hard! The stars Hoodie had to choose from are all active on social media, but the picks are definitely tricky and he did his best to think through each choice with mixed results.

"I don't even know what 'Shave it up!' means!" he cried when forced to decide whether or not that phrase belongs to Adam Levine's Twitter bio or Zedd's. (It's Zedd's, and Hoodie got it wrong.) "I don't know about Twitter bios at all!"

He didn't do so bad, to be fair, and was able to hit the nail on the head of some wacky bios that referenced everything from crack commandos to impending darkness "on the edge of town" to chewing gum. Valiant effort indeed, Mr. Allen! Watch Hoodie Allen attempt to guess the Twitter bios with Dave GrohlBrad PaisleySam Smith and Jessie J in the mix above.