October 21, 2014


Watch How iLoveMakonnen & Drake Party on a "Tuesday" in New Video

Drake jumping on the remix of iLoveMakonnen's "Tuesday" helped launch the rising R&B producer/rapper into the hip hop stratosphere. Now, the pair have teamed up for an official video for the track.

At first, it looks like iLoveMakonnen and Drizzy filmed your regular ol' club video filled with gorgeous models and bottle service galore. But keep looking and you'll realize a few oddities abound: The guys wear hoodies and sip out of Styrofoam cups instead of rocking suits and popping bottles of Cristal, but the most bizarre visual has iLoveMakonnen surrounded by girls wearing creepy, painted masks. 

We definitely haven't seen this less-polished side of Drake before, but we're sorta digging Drake not looking so cool all the time. Thanks for that, iLoveMakonnen.

The rising Atlanta singer recently stopped by Fuse HQ to talk about how he parties on a Tuesday. "Usually you get off of work, get your friends, get into the club—and then you just let loose," he told Trending 10's Dan Brown. "Dance the night away."

"Tuesday" is currently at No. 73 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, and with an atypical video that's worth a replay or two, we think it's bound to rise even higher.