October 3, 2014


Watch Princess Jasmine From 'Aladdin' Sing "A Whole New World" 22 Years Later

Get ready for some childhood nostalgia: Lea Salonga, the singing voice of the original Princess Jasmine in Disney's animated Aladdin movie, has started performing "A Whole New World" live, 22 years after the film's release. The singer has been tackling the tune since spring of this year, but the clip started attracting internet attention last week. The reason? Salonga has been performing the song with vocal group Il Divo on her current European tour. Those of you across the pond sure are lucky!

While Salonga isn't the speaking voice of Jasmine's character—she only provided vocals for the songs—you might recall that distinctive voice from somewhere else as well. Lea is also the goddess behind the songs of Mulan! Really! Check out her modern rendition of "Reflection" here!