October 28, 2014


Logic On His Debut: "I know It's Authentic And That's All That Matters"

"Logic is a young man that represents peace, love, positivity, who can rap his ass off, has a good message, does his best to make great music, and just wants all well-being for mankind, baby!"

We can get onboard with Logic's good intentions and self-motivating mantra right off the bat. The rapper just released his debut full-length Under Pressure, and the name is a perfect nod to his process. Like diamonds, which are forged under an intense amount of pressure and heat, Logic crafted the verses and beats of his first official foray into rap in the recesses of his basement, and the title is more than just a play on words for him.

"I'm excited, and I'm glad that I got to create the album that I wanted to create, tell the story that I wanted to," he tells Fuse. "For me, it's almost the diamond underground. Literally, underground, in the basement, that's where I was. That's where it all took place. I wanted people to know, not only is this story formed around this place in Maryland. It's about getting out and staying the same."

Despite the attention and the main stage focus, Logic was hellbent on keeping it real with Under Pressure instead of subscribing to trends and universal lyrics. Under Pressure is hyper personal, and that's exactly how he wanted it to be.

"I'm talking about what it was like in my home, from guns in the household [to] narcotics [and] dealing with domestic abuse," he reveals. "Going into this album, I truly realized that I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not. Whether they're going to believe the story or not, I know it's authentic. And that's all that matters."

Cool, confident and clear: Can't argue with Logic, in every sense of the word. For more on Logic's debut and the inspirations that informed Under Pressure, check out the Fuse exclusive above.