October 6, 2014


Check Out Gerard Way's Creatively Clownish "Millions" Music Video

Former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way released his debut solo album last month, surprising his massive cult fanbase with a move towards Britpop. The emo heartthrob started namedropping bands like Pulp and Oasis instead of Thursday and The Used, confusing and eventually delighting his audience. (Check out our exclusive interview with Way to hear the artist explain those influences himself.)

"Millions," the latest single from his record Hesitant Alien, sounds something like a Blur b-side with a trippy video to boot. No complaints here!

In the clip, Way rocks a peach-and-black-suit, complete with question mark pin. His hair is the same coral as his tie, which is the same as his mic stand. The whole thing is remarkably '80s, filmed through a vintage, lo-fi filter. There are some cheesy graphics—think Windows '95 meets Tumblr web art—and dancers in clown makeup. Yup, pretty nutty! Watch it above. 

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