October 2, 2014


Watch One Direction's Harry Styles Help a Man Propose to His Girlfriend

Love is in the air! Earlier this year, we watched hottie Harry Styles propose to a fan who wore a wedding dress to the Philadelphia stop of One Direction's Where We Are tour. Well now one dedicated boyfriend has taken the plunge at one of the band's concerts for real

Bradley Chisenhall of Foley, Alabama tweeted at each member of 1D on Monday, September 30, begging the British babes to help him propose to his girlfriend. Now, anyone who has been on Twitter before knows it's nearly impossible to get the attention of celebrities (you wouldn't respond either if your account was flooded with thousands of mentions a day), but when the Directioners got wind of Chisenhall's request, they managed to get the hashtag #1Dproposal trending worldwide. One tweet became hundreds of thousands, and the band quickly took note.

Yesterday Bradley and his girlfriend arrived to the Atlanta show, scheme in play. At one point in the concert, Styles stopped to say: "I have a friend here tonight. He's called Bradley. There he is," and he pointed towards the couple in the audience. The stadium's cameras broadcast their image for all to see as Bradley got on one knee and proposed. Of course, his girlfriend said yes! 

Watch the most romantic thing to ever happen at a One Direction concert above and check out our complete guide to 1D's upcoming album here.