October 24, 2014


One Direction Share Outrageous "Steal My Girl" Video Ft. Danny DeVito

UPDATE (10/24): It's finally here, Directioners! The biggest boy band on the planet shared the music video for "Steal My Girl" early Friday morning and it is, well, bonkers. Famed actor Danny DeVito plays their overzealous director, labeling each of the boys with a different theme. Harry Styles represents "Love," Niall Horan is "Light," Liam Payne is "Power," Louis Tomlinson is "Danger" and Zayn Malik is "Mystery." Malik gets a surprising amount of screen time and befriends a pair of ginormous sumo wrestlers. They boys dance in the desert before getting drenched in water. It's lighthearted and fun and Styles' leopard trench coat is delightfully '80s. No one tell Taylor?

Original Story: Last month One Direction shared "Steal My Girl," the second song from their highly-anticipated studio album, FOUR. (No one tell Beyoncé!) The opening piano riff is something straight out of Journey's catalog and is worthy of an arena-ready '80s power ballad. By the looks of the teaser they just released of the song's upcoming music video, it's going to be totally bonkers!

It opens with iconic actor Danny DeVito whispering "Mystery!" and gesturing towards Zayn Malik as though he were directing a film. Zayn then breaks up a fight between two sumo wrestlers after examining his hand which, for whatever reason, is dripping with gold paint. Confused yet?

In the background, a person hula-hoops while standing on top of a mountain in some weird desert location. The entire thing is pretty odd. 

Watch it above, and while you're at it, check out our complete guide to the boy's upcoming album. Then test your knowledge of the band with our 1D or 5 Seconds of Summer lyric quiz here!