October 30, 2014


Harry Styles Jokes About Not Breaking Records With "Steal My Girl"

Earlier this year, Miley Cyrus broke the Vevo record for most plays in a 24-hour period with a little over 19 million views for her scandalous "Wrecking Ball." In August, Nicki Minaj grabbed the title with her hot and heavy "Anaconda" video with 19.6 million views. With a reworking of Sir Mix-a-Lot's massive hit "Baby Got Back" complete with asstastic shots, how couldn't it clinch the title? A few months later One Direction were slated to beat Nicki's record with their silly "Steal My Girl" video. After a few days of counting votes, it turns out she's still on top! 

Heartthrob Harry Styles might have been a little too eager with the video's success, tweeting "You legends broke the @Vevo record for the most views in 24 hours with the Steal My Girl video. Legends. Thank you" before confirming. 

Styles has a good sense of humor about it all, later tweeting "Knock knock... Who's there? 'A vevo record' a vevo record who? Only joking. Whoops," adding "Just found out we didn't beat the Vevo record. But thank you guys for all your effort, the views were amazing! You're legends .x" 

Cute! Check them out below, and make sure to check out our complete guide to their upcoming record.