October 24, 2014


Priory Keep It Positive With "Weekend"

"Life's a big party and everyone's invited to it, so let's treat each other well and have some fun!"

Positivity is the name of the game with Portland, Oregon's Priory, who can't wait to get their infectious indie-pop debut in the ears of listeners beyond the Pacific Northwest. With the Weekend EP, the follow-up to their 2011 debut, they dove headfirst into new music and made the new songs their top priority. There were no day jobs involved, no distractions—they just needed to get these songs out.

"We wrote it in like, a week and a half, two weeks, and through that course of time, we honed our skills as musicians and even as songwriters together," Priory's Brandon Rush tells Fuse. "We decided after about a year and a half of touring that we wanted to create something that in our mind was blameless, the best thing we could make. That's when we quit our jobs and locked ourselves away in our studio. We scrapped together pennies and got down to my last five dollars in my bank account every month."

The title track and the EP's single maintains this ethos, as "Weekend" is all about embracing the need to cut loose and shrug off suffocating negativity every once in awhile. "It can be an unhealthy relationship," says Rush, citing the inspiration for the track. "It can be an overly dominant parent. It can be a boss you despise. We all deal with it." He provides a few examples from his own life, recalling past stints in the navy and as a ferrier, and it's clear that Priory's lyrics come from a place that's very close to home.

For more on "Weekend" and Priory's new EP, check out the Fuse exclusive above, and don't forget to watch their performance of "Weekend" from Trending 10 below!