October 9, 2014


Which Album Does ScHoolboy Q Consider to Be the "Bible of Rap?"

ScHoolboy Q and Nas recently hit the road together, but the tour and the remix of SQ's "Studio" were so much more than the stuff of a meaningful collaboration for the topper-loving rapper. ScHoolboy Q grew up idolizing the Illmatic MC, so Nas paying him the ultimate compliment about "Studio" was a career-making moment.

"I remember him telling me he wished he wrote [Studio]," ScHoolboy Q told Fuse's Esteban Serrano. "That was crazy to me because Nas is my favorite rapper of all time. I mention a lot of other rappers: 50 [Cent], Jay Z, Snoop...but Nas has always been my favorite rapper of all time."

"I went to one of his shows in Hollywood at the House of Blues," he continued. "He had two shows in one night. I went to both of them. I waited in line for like three hours."

Growing up on the West Coast, ScHoolboy Q was surrounded by the sounds of his local rap scene, but he made a point to seek out the boys from Brooklyn dropping serious beats. Jay Z's Reasonable Doubt left a serious mark on him upon its 1996 release as well.

"When you're young, all you listen to is stuff on the radio," he said. "All that was on the radio was Snoop, Dre, Tupac, Biggie. Biggie was the only East Coast rapper that was getting played. If I would mention Nas, people would barely even know who he was...Nas was one of the first rappers I ever heard. My cousin, he was an East Coast fan. He used to listen to Wu-Tang and Nas. I always used to be in the car with him. DMX, Jay Z, I was listening to Reasonable Doubt...Now that I get older, I think that's like, the Bible of rap. I think that's the best album to be made."

For more on ScHoolboy Q's influences and his appreciation for Nas' artistry, check out the Fuse exclusive above.