October 8, 2014


You Can't Limit ScHoolboy Q & His Eclectic Collaborations

ScHoolboy Q is about to embark on the King Of The Fall Tour alongside The Weeknd and Jhené Aiko, and he's thrilled about the variety in store for those coming out to see the eclectic bill.

"It's gonna be tight," the rapper told Fuse's Esteban Serrano. "You've got Jhené, she's the singer. You've got me, the rapper. And you've got Abel. He's the singer, but he's also the drug influence. It's all of us together. Jhené, she talks: Shes' not your typical singer who sings 'I love you, he loves me.' She's cussing. She's smoking weed. There's a lot of unorthodox stuff going on this tour." (She's covering Tupac, too, and we're totally into it.)

He's all about unexpected artistic pairings, and his collaboration with Disclosure on their hit track "Latch" was one he was eager to take on. "They reached out and hit me, like, 'We want you on the record!'" he recalled. "I was just listening to it, like, 'I'm gonna freak this.' I wrote the verse on the plane on the way back. As soon as we landed, I went to the studio, did it and shuttled it back to them."

In regards to people who have a huge problem with ScHoolboy Q delving into electronic music, namely the "Latch" remix, he's not amused and thinks that keeping things fresh by bouncing between genres is clutch. 

"It's stupid!" he said, regarding the "Latch" remix hate. "[They're just] boring people that wear the same shirt everyday, eat the same food everyday, watch the same TV shows everyday, play the same video games everyday, people that just don't want to expand their mind or do something different. You can't limit me to just doing one style of music. I'm sorry I'm talented enough to work with this person or even sing on a track....Every album I drop, there's always gonna be somebody that says 'That's wack.' Every album I drop, there's always gonna be people that say 'This is amazing.' Every time I drop an album, there's always gonna be somebody that says 'That's a'right.' It's not just your fan base. You're reaching everybody."

For more on how the King Of The Fall Tour came to be, check out the Fuse exclusive in full above.