October 8, 2014


Watch Slayer's "Raining Blood" Get Parodied by Sock Puppets

Today marks the 28th anniversary of Slayer's Reign in Blood, what some called "the heaviest album of all time" upon its 1986 release. And to help celebrate the thrash-metal band's breakout record, we now have a new live performance of single "Raining Blood"...performed by flailing sock puppets. Thank you, Internet.

Watch above as four puppets thrash about while singing the newly-reincarnated "Raining Bleach" about a red sock seeping into a load of white-only laundry—aka trouble for the red sock. The puppet playing signer/bassist Tom Araya screams, "Whites only territory / A soulless sock, red dye / Awaiting bleach cycle / The thirty minute duration... / There will be no red survival / Your color is stripped awaaaaaay." 


Whether it's by sock puppets or little children, a Slayer performance always makes for YouTube gold. There is a banjo makeover of "Raining Blood" with more than three million views, a 10-year-old slaying "War Ensemble" with 1.5 million peeps and now we have this sock puppet parody.

May Slayer and Slayer tributes live on forever. Happy anniversary, Reign in Blood.

Bonus: Watch another sock puppet parody of "Push It" by fellow hard rockers Static-X.