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October 6, 2014


Faith Evans Tells Us Why R&B Will Live on Forever

Faith Evans is at it again this year, with a new album titled Incomparable set for an October 28 release date. The R&B singer dropped by Trending 10 to talk about Incomparable, her lead single "I Deserve It" and more.

When asked about why R&B still lives on in her music even as some consider the genre to be dying down, Evans spoke straight from the heart:

"For me, I just do music that I feel in my soul," she says. "I don't necessarily try to keep up with what's trending, or what plays on certain stations on the radio. I just do music that I feel in my soul that I think will always connect with my fans, because that's what they like from me.

"I try to incorporate new ideas," she continues, "but me doing things to try to stay current, that's not the case. It's me, it's 2014, and I think I still make good, quality R&B music."

Evans also talks about the many celebrity cameos in her "I Deserve It" video and plenty more–check out the full video above and don't miss new episodes of Trending 10 weeknights at 5/4c!