October 14, 2014


Nico and Vinz Divulge Meaning Behind 'Black Star Elephant' Album Title

Nico and Vinz took a moment to step back from celebreating the recent release of their debut album, Black Star Elephant, to stop by Trending 10 today! 

The Norwegian pop duo told host Katie van Buren about how their African roots play into their dance moves–and even showed off a brand-new move on camera–plus went into detail about why their singles like "Am I Wrong" are so positive, and how the name of their album came about.

"Vinz has parents from Ghana, and I have parents from Ivory Coast," Nico explains. "In Ghana they call themselves the Black Stars and in Ivory Coast we call ourselves Les Éléphants, in French, or The Elephants. 

"That's why we created the Black Star Elephant, who is this character that goes through everything you go through in life. It can symbolize us. And in the album we talk about everything you can possibly have experienced as a 23-year-old boy."

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