October 2, 2014


How This Guy Got One Direction to Help Him Propose to His Girlfriend

By now, you've definitely heard all about the ultra-romantic #1DProposal—which clocked in as the No. 1 trending story on today's episode of Trending 10—where One Direction hottie Harry Styles helped Alabama's Bradley Chisenhall propose to his girlfriend in the middle of a 1D concert in Atlanta. On the show today, Bradley and his new fiancé Christine Kozlowski called us to tell us how it went down.

According to the ATL native, the epic moment happened thanks to a fateful tweet to Harry's mom. "I got a Twitter account about four days ago. I had the idea pop into my head that I wanted to propose to her, and I wanted the guys to help me," Bradley tells host Katie Van Buren. "I didn't think I was going to get it to work at all. But right before the concert, I sent a message to Harry's mom, she texted him, he messaged me, and we set it up from there...right when we pulled up to the concert, Harry messaged me, 'Let's make it happen,' and we made it happen."

The 1D guys set the couple up with floor-seat tickets (a real upgrade from their old tickets in the nosebleed section), and Harry told Bradley to "watch for my cue." The rest, as you know, is YouTube history.

And if that wasn't all sweet enough, Christine added that they got to meet Harry after the concert and hang out in his tour bus.

Best concert on the tour? Seems like it. Watch the full interview above for more details about the romantic night. 

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