October 30, 2014


Rising Indie-Pop Act Sheppard Talk Viral Single "Geronimo"

Australian indie-pop sextet Sheppard are getting in on the act–that is, the act of Australians beginning to dominate the ears of American music listeners. Siblings George, Amy and Emma Sheppard, along with guitarist Jason Bovino, stopped by Trending 10 to talk about family life on the road and their hit single "Geronimo"–watch the full interview above!

While Iggy Azalea5 Seconds Of SummerCody Simpson and others are Australian natives making the most noise in the States right now, Sheppard is hot on their tails. "Geronimo" has already gone four-times platinum in their home country, and the one of the results of that is the band spending way more time on the road. 

"The best thing about it is you're constantly with your family; you always feel at home wherever you go," George says of being on the road with a big band, including his two sisters. "It's kind of like a family holiday in all these cool cities. Plus, you can always be honest with each other."

Watch the full interview for more–Bovino reveals how "Geronimo" came about in an impromptu writing session right before a live performance, and the band discusses its organic growth. Don't miss new episodes of Trending 10 weeknights at 5/4c! Find Fuse in your area