October 17, 2014


Watch T.I. Prank Unsuspecting Shoe Shoppers

Imagine you win a contest to be styled by your favorite rapper at a local Footaction. You couldn't be more excited to spend time with a musician you idolize, plus you get loads of free swag. But what if, at the end of the day, it all turns out to be a prank, some sort of April Fools come a little too late? That's exactly what happened to five unsuspecting fans. The culprit? None other than T.I.

The rapper, who once prank called his own mother, begins this particular stunt by showing the contest winners around the shoe store. He asks each fan about their personal style and tosses hundreds upon thousands of dollars of shoes at his assistants to collect. It's sweet. One fan even exclaims, "We can get all of it?!" with enthusiastic disbelief. T.I. then leads the guys one by one to check out apparel from his own Hustle Gang collection, pointing to shirts he designed along the way. They head over to the hat rack and grab snapbacks in all designs. At one point, the rapper even removes a mannequin and hands it to the cashier.

Right before the contest winner is about to check out, T.I. leaves to take a fake phone call, leaving the fan to confront a $10,000 bill. The rapper even hired actors to play other shoppers in line, frustrated with the hold up. 

What would you do in that situation? Watch the full prank above to see how it all plays out. Then also check out our exclusive interview with T.I., where the rapper lays out his timeline for retiring from recording.