October 6, 2014


Why Did The Script Record an Entire Album While on Tour?

When Irish pop-rockers The Script were out on the road with OneRepublic supporting their album #3, they decided to use their downtime in the most productive way possible. The trio recorded the entirety of their fourth LP, No Sound Without Silence, while out on tour.

"We were kinda thinking, 'There's 23 hours in the day–other than the one hour where you're on stage,'" the band says, "so what we decided to do was bring a recording bus, with a recording studio in the back."

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After playing to 20,000 or 30,000 screaming fans a night, the band had a lot of energy coming off stage–so, in order to best capture that energy, they would head into their mobile recording studio immediately afterward. Still sweaty, the trio would get into the bus and write and record songs at their most amped-up state.

"It's hard to come off that high [of being on stage], and you can either do something destructive or constructive," they said. "We chose to do something constructive."

The Script's No Sound Without Silence came out on September 12, so listen for yourself and decide how well the band managed to capture their insane live energy!

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