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Watch Colbie Caillat Sweetly Sing "Smelly Cat" At Central Perk Pop-Up Shop

The singer-songwriter covered the 'Friends' classic at the famous fictional coffeehouse

Alright, '90s nostalgists, do we have one for you! As Friends, the ridiculously popular television series, celebrates its twentieth anniversary, New York City's SoHo neighborhood has sprouted a Central Perk pop-up shop. That's right, sitcom lovers: The fictional and totally beloved coffeehouse has come to life! When you settle into your seat, you probably won't get to see Phoebe Buffay's blood-curdling, ear-splitting rendition of the classic "Smelly Cat," but recent visitors got one better: "Smelly Cat" performed by singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat.

The musician took on the 30-second tune a capella at the store, while there to promote her latest single, "Try." She asked the audience to: "Sing it with me? Yeah? Sing it really bad too." Of course they did just that! Watch the performance above, and check out the classic Phoebe/Lisa Kudrow version below.


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