November 21, 2014


Alvin Risk On 'Venture,' Secret Stage Name Origins & More

Alvin Risk won't tell you where he got his stage name, as it's one of those things where he'd tell you, but then he'd have to kill you. Okay, maybe it's not that extreme, but the inspiration for his musical moniker is under wraps and he plans on keeping it that way.

"It's a long story and it involves some conspiracy, some Moon Base-type of stuff," he tells Fuse. "Things that I'm not really supposed to talk about. It'll unravel over time, but it's multiple dimensions and metaphysics." Alrighty then!

The producer and electronic musician is thrilled to hit the road in the coming months and tour behind his cerebral compositions, and his obsession with making all sorts of noise goes way back.

"I was really obsessed with piano, banging on the lower notes to make it sounds like thunder," he says, tracing his musical roots. "I was never able to sleep as a kid and was always into music. My dad was always playing like, everything from Latin music to Pink Floyd. He had a huge musical library. I started playing his guitar and got obsessed with that, and went from that to getting obsessed with trying to make things not sound like a guitar, but still with a guitar, using pedals and effects and stuff. I really got into keyboards and synths and further into analog stuff and into the digital world and kind of got obsessed with all of that."

For more on Alvin Risk's creative process and why he can't wait to hit the road in support of his latest release Venture, check out the Fuse exclusive in full above.