November 20, 2014


Andrew McMahon Opens Up About Fatherhood, Solo Writing Process

Most know Andrew McMahon as the singer and songwriter who won tons of hearts and ears over with Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin. Now, McMahon is releasing material under his own moniker (or, specifically, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness), and he's thrilled about the nerve-wracking next step in his career.

"It's my first full-length record as an official—I hate to say 'solo artist'—representing my own name," he told Fuse. "I wanted it to be personal. I wanted it to represent not just maybe where I was right at this moment, but to also sort of reflect on some of the years leading up to it."

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness was written at a particularly exciting point in the musician's life, when he and his wife were readying for the arrival of their daughter. He navigated a tricky balancing act in the months leading up to both the due date of the record and his baby, and it required some isolation in order for him to stay grounded throughout the changing times.

"When I was embarking on this idea of getting a record done in a year, we set a deadline," he said. "My first inclination was to find a way to juggle all of the things that go along with being an expectant parent, being a good husband and being there for my wife while she was pregnant, but also [to] make sure I have enough time to write a record. I found this Airbnb cabin out in Topanga Canyon. Basically, what I'd do is I'd load my keyboard in my car, I'd go up there on like, a Monday, and stay there 'til Thursday or Friday. I'd sort of lock myself in this space so that I could write songs. Eventually, I got to a few songs that I was feeling really good about, and then I was said, 'Okay. I need to get off the hill and engage with some other human beings to bring this project to life.'"

The rest is on the record—literally. For the dirt on McMahon's first tracks from this solo effort, how he compiles a set list and more, check out the Fuse exclusive above in full.