November 21, 2014


"Ring Off": Beyoncé Applauds Mother's Courage in New Song

The full version of Beyoncé's new song "Ring Off" is out now. Listen to the new Beyoncé track that's a smoldering R&B joint, blending funky guitars, buzzing 808s along with a rare glimpse into the Knowles family's personal lives.

A deeper exploration of the lyrics details what's more than likely an open letter to her mother, Tina Knowles, who recently went public about leaving husband of 33 years Matthew. "At 58, I knew I had to get a divorce," Tina said at a Women’s Empowerment Foundation event. "At that age, it’s an almost impossible thing to go through...I didn't know anything else."

Bey details the pain she saw her mother go through ("In the mirror you would stare / And say a prayer / Like, 'I wish he said I'm beautiful / I wish it didn't hurt at all'"), but encourages her to keep going ("After all your tears / After all that pain's all clear, Mama / After all them years / We can start all over again, Mama"). 

Bey also adds a sentimental note to let her mother know she respects what she endured ("Always know that you've got a daughter / That's so, so proud you took the high road").

The track is a bit reminiscent of Destiny's Child's "The Story of Beauty," which is from their 2001 album Survivor and said to be co-written by Bey. It tells a third-person account of a woman trying to leave a bad relationship. 

Adorable onstage interactions between Beyoncé and hubby Jay Z have all but silenced divorce rumors between the very, very, very rich couple, so the song likely isn't autobiographical, but Bey's passionate delivery is still totally convincing. While she does sing "we can love again" instead of "you can love again," perhaps it refers to Bey loving whatever man Tina finds?

Along with new song "7/11," this track is included on the two-CD, two-DVD platinum edition of Beyoncé that includes remixes featuring guests like Nicki MinajKanye WestPharrell and Mr. Vegas.