November 5, 2014


Chris Webby: 'Chemically Imbalanced' LP Is My "Show & Prove Moment"

Since releasing his debut mixtape in 2009, Chris Webby has released seven more tapes and two EPs featuring contributions from fellow hip-hop honchos like Mac MillerMethod ManKid Ink and more. But as of last week, the Connecticut-bred MC now joins the big leagues with a full-length album, Chemically Imbalanced. The rapper stopped by Fuse HQ to riff on the record with Esteban Serrano.

Webby explained  that some might be quick to judge with tracks like "R.A.D. (Roll a Doobie)," "Dopamine" and "Blunt Ride Cypher" on the record.

"People are always quick to say something about drugs, of course," he says. "I'm just a little crazy sometimes! I think we all kind of are. If you catch me at 3pm and 5pm, you might be talking to almost two different dudes. I don't think I'm bipolar, but you never know. My switches flip on and off. 

"I'm far better at other things at various times. It's crazy, you catch me at the right time, my freestyle will be flawless. You catch me at another time, you can just tell it's not my freestyle time. You know what I mean? I can still do it, I can still rap, but, yeah man, I'm all over the place."

With so many releases to his name, Webby sees Chemically Imbalanced as his chance to reach new fans and prove any naysayers wrong.

"I have put out so many projects and this one had to be so different, it had to be so much better," he adds. "This is the first time a lot of people are going to be hearing me and a lot of people are going to be checking back up on me who haven't listened since 2010 and were like, 'Eh, he's okay.' This is that show-and-prove moment. I made sure to bring the subject matter, the punchlines, of course, and just make it a cohesive project from the songs to the interludes."

Get deep with Webby in the full interview above for more on the LP's multiple genres, why he feels he finally "nailed it on the head" musically and much more.