November 19, 2014


Circa Survive Talk Emotional Frustration, Going Heavy On 'Descensus'

They're back! Anthemic rock band Circa Survive have been pretty quiet since 2012's Violent Wavestouring on and off and teasing new music here and there. Now the Pennsylvania boys are back with Descensus, their heaviest album to date. We sat down with the band to get the scoop on their newfound aggression.

"I think this album is heavier, just timing, you know?" frontman Anthony Green told Fuse in an exclusive interview. "When you're going through different things and you're making something, it's reflective of whatever you're going through. We all felt like it was time for us to make something a little bit heavier. We approached the album a lot like we approached the first album where we wrote the songs....instrumentally, different parts kind of worked and then did the vocals on top of that. We kind of try different things all the time when we're writing just to keep it fresh.

"There's stuff going on that was pretty intense for all of us and conducive for an environment where you really need to exercise some of your demons creatively, which is something I think this band has been really good at doing from the very beginning," he continued. "The record is about....sort of a chapter in my life of not feeling like myself, falling out of place with who I am as a person and documenting that journey."

Green's emotional honesty and coincidental personal torment come into play in the band's latest single, "Schema." He explained, "For me, that song is just about the frustration of knowing what you have to do and not really being able to do it, whether it's a personal decision or something you have to live with in your life, that moment where you realize what's important....and you feel like you're underneath the mountain. You're not able to do what you have to do. You're feeling defeated."

That doesn't mean the band takes themselves too seriously. "We were talking about what we're going to do for the video. We were looking at some treatments. I sent out an email saying it would be so awesome to have a slow motion boxing match between me and a giant baby," he added, not joking. "It was just this thing that happened that I wrote, and that just came out and I just ran with it really, really far so we made a video." Sounds insane!

Watch the interview above and click here for more on Circa Survive.