November 5, 2014


Gerard Way Shares Captivating "Maya the Psychic" Video

My Chemical Romance called it quits last year but with the success of frontman Gerard Way's solo career, it might as well have been a lifetime ago. The emo icon-turned-Britpop-worshiping talent found a new identity in Hesitant Alien, his debut solo album, citing some previously unmentioned English influences. Way even premiered his new stuff at Reading and Leeds, surprising his very suburban, very American fanbase: He was going '80s, and in a big way. His singles "No Shows," and "Millions" grew on his former fans and established Way as a serious solo rock artist. 

Today, he shared a live video for the emotive "Maya the Psychic."

The clip captures Way's performance of the tune at Los Angeles' famed Troubadour and highlights the energy of his new live show. He opted to use the most poignant song on the record for the vid, one that deals with mental health in the most direct way.

Watch it above and make sure to take our "Which Gerard Way Are You?" quiz. After that, click through our extensive gallery of his greatest looks!