November 11, 2014


Jake Miller Talks Fans, Fame & Freaking Out

Young rapper Jake Miller started as an internet sensation before launching into a surprising career. With his massive (mostly teenage and female) fanbase, he knows that with power comes responsibility. 

"I've always thought it is very important to put out music with a message, something positive, so I always try to put into my music what I know and what I experience," the heartthrob told Fuse. "If other people can relate to it, then that's just a bonus. I make the music that I like and that I want to hear and if other people love it and they can relate it, that's the perfect combination."

It must be going over well because Miller's popularity continues to explode. "My new EP Lionheart, it just came out, it went straight to the top of the charts when it came out. My fans are amazing. It was No. 2 with Taylor Swift! It's just something that I'm very proud of and something that I've been waiting for the world to hear for a very long time. A few years ago that was just me in my hotel room just talking into a computer and I was on live chat. This would be like a no-pants party with everybody and everyone's invited!" he continued. 

"I have a song called 'Dazed and Confused' on the EP featuring Travie McCoy, and it's something very different from anything that I've ever put out which was a little hard for me," he revealed. "It's out of my comfort zone but the fans love it and everyone at the label and my friends and family, they all love it. I kind of just had to trust them and do something new....It's featuring Travie McCoy and it's fun to perform. I rap on it, I sing on it. Travie raps on it and it's just a really fun song. It makes me want to dance."

Even with all his success, Miller stays humble. "Every now and then I have what I call these 'I made it!' moments. Buying my album in stores the first time it was in stores....was one of them for sure, just walking in a random store and getting my album," he added. "I had a meet-and-greet in Times Square a few months ago and it was craziness, like, five thousand kids showed up. I met every single person that showed up for five hours. TMZ came. All these crazy people came. I just have a lot of moments down the road, too many to keep track of."

In the end, it all goes back to the fans. "I think it's extremely important to stay connected with your fans given social media. It's amazing that you can just get on Twitter and talk to your fans and make them feel special, follow them, tweet them back, DM them. I'm always trying to get on social media and treat them more like friends and less as fans. When the EP came out I spent the whole night calling people, facetiming people. I just think that's awesome, to see the fans, to have them kind of freak out and be excited. It makes me excited."

We're sure it does! Watch the exclusive interview with Jake Miller above.