November 18, 2014


Watch Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Shred Through U2's "Desire"

Leave it to Jimmy Fallon to make lemons into lemonade and on a moment's notice! 

U2 was scheduled to perform at The Tonight Show all week, but a bike accident over the weekend in Central Park had Bono hurting and therefore unable to join his bandmates for the late night residency. While yes, there's nothing "better than the real thing" when it comes to U2, Fallon dipped into Bono's wardrobe, threw on some specs the singer would be proud of, donned an army cap similar to the ones he wears and grabbed a guitar to join the Roots for an unexpected performance last night.

The host held his own both on vocals and on rhythm guitar, and the impromptu take on "Desire" had the Roots embracing a rockier side than they typically do when they back guests on the show or headline their own gigs. It made for a memorable Tonight Show moment, and it furthered the notion that Fallon and the Roots put their late night competition to shame when it comes to rethinking musical guest performances and the potential they've got for success.

No news yet as to how things will unfold over the course of what was supposed to be U2 week, but hey: If it started with Fallon rushing the mic, it seems like that's the first of a few surprises that'll rock us between now and Friday.