November 12, 2014


Joe Budden: 'Some Love Lost' is "Journalism in Rap Form"

"I'm excited to attempt to make the best album I've ever made."

That's a serious statement, and Joe Budden isn't making it lightly. With latest EP Some Love Lost, Budden's nearing the end of the trio of albums he set out to make a few years ago that turned his sound and his expectations for his own art on their heads.

"The songs on some level are different because I'm different," he tells Fuse. "I've experienced so much in the past two years. Not all good, not all bad. It's been a very turbulent two years to say the least, so I documented that. This is very autobiographical. It's journalism in rap form."

Some Love Lost is the second part of a trilogy that began with 2013's No Love Lost: "That was more so owed to the fans, a message to them saying, 'Listen, I've given you guys a decade-plus of great, amazing music. I'm in a different space. I'm gonna pursue that space that I'm in and make the music that I want to make and not really give a eff about what you guys have to say about it. All's well. No love lost.' That's the funny version of that. It was a much lighter album."

Some Love Lost will segue into All Love Lost, his next full-length LP that he's currently working on. "Some Love Lost is a bit more introspective, a bit more melancholy," he shares. "More graphic, more detailed, more current. Just a different vibe, a different feel all around altogether than its predecessor. All Love Lost, which I'm still in the process of completing at the moment, will be the icing on the cake."

For more on Some Love Lost and how it's a hugely personal album, check out Budden's exclusive chat with Fuse above.