November 3, 2014


Lady Gaga Covers 4 Non Blondes' '90s Classic "What's Up"

Lady Gaga's been embracing the throwback in full effect lately, what with her musical partnership with Tony Bennett and the jazz standards they've been covering and all. Now, she's shelving the super vintage vibes for a second and diving into the hits of the flannel-clad, grungy '90s and belting out one of the decade's most recognizable jukebox standards.

At the artRAVE in Vienna, Gaga took on 4 Non Blondes' "What's Up," a cover that worked seamlessly into her live set. She's big on power ballads—"Yoü and I," anyone?—so to throw in one of the best scream-singable songs with her tried-and-true hits made for a refreshing and welcome change.

Though Gaga was ready to quit the business before heading into the studio with Bennett for their collaboration, it seems like Mother Monster's found her feet, and it's great to see her rocking a few covers that showcase her range in the best possible way.

4 Non Blondes were pretty flawless on every "HAAAAY-EE-YAAAAY" of "What's Up," but Gaga's growl is definitely a worthy foil. '90s Gaga? Totally digging it. Watch Lady Gaga's take on "What's Up" above, and check out the original below.