November 3, 2014


Watch Macklemore Go Trick-or-Treating Dressed as an Old Granny

Ah, stars: They're just like us! They fight with their significant others, they do crazy things to make up for it and get back on their good side and they throw on ridiculous costumes in the hopes of scoring as much candy as possible. Macklemore did all of the above in this ridiculous video, where he sports a grandmother costume in order to appease his fiancée, Tricia, and goes trick-or-treating in Seattle.

Before he heads out and sprints across city blocks in one ghastly outfit, Macklemore explains the deal: "Because I'm in the dog house these days, [Tricia] said that if I dressed up as a grandma and went out into the streets of Seattle that I could get out of the dog house and back onto mainland. So here I am as a grandmother."

Hilarity ensues as soon as he throws the wig on, as he requests the addition of some curves to his ensemble ("I want a big ol' granny booty!") and even sticks to the theme when he freestyles in between houses: "If your party is wack then I'm smashing your pumpkin!"

It's a matter of minutes before he gets thoroughly creeped out by his own behavior as he heads from spot to spot, and eventually the jig is up when a kid points out that Grandma looks a little familiar. Watch the hilarious clip above to see whether or not Macklemore can give "Thriller" a run for its money while tricking Seattle in search of treats on Halloween.

(Also, are those some salmon-colored Jordans we spot?! We don't know many grandmas rocking your sneaker collab, Mack, but we'll take it.)